Terre d’Amanar

Neighbor of the National Park of Toubkal and its 100,000 hectares and located just 30 minutes away from Marrakech on the first steps of the Atlas, you will find the Terres d’Amanar. With family, friends, couples or in seminars, Terres d’Amanar is an energizing spot. An exceptional site, which invites you to take a break away from the urban hustle. Come and stay there to discover the Berber civilization and let go while having the opportunity to carry out sports activities, “nature”, well-being or craft from local traditions.
The site also has the largest air route in Africa ! Nothing more striking than to spring from one point to another on a zip line to admire the canyons of red earth and fill up with extreme sensations! But the place is also an ideal starting point for trekking to meet the villages, valleys and peaks of the Atlas. All activities are controlled by qualified professionals and are suitable for adults as well as for youngsters who enjoy themselves in natural environments! The activities are, every day, a good occasion to make rich encounters and discoveries of the surrounding nature!

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